Did you know this week is brain awareness week?

Did you know this week is brain awareness week?

Brain Awareness Week in Canada encourages the advancement of brain research and the discovery of new advancements in the brain!  Did you know there are 100 billion neurons in the human brain? These neurons are the messengers that transmit information between the different areas in the brain and throughout the body! The brain controls everything we do, from essential bodily functions like breathing and heart rate to more complex things like decision-making, memory and language. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Understanding the importance of a healthy brain, we teamed up with Genuine Health and their two new natural brain formulas.

Genuine Health Memory is designed to support your brain health (cognition), sharpen your thinking and strengthen your ability to remember!  Many factors can lead to brain fog and forgetfulness, including aging, high-stress levels and fatigue. We've included a powerful combination of saffron, sage and ginkgo biloba that actively work to support your short and long-term memory function. With consistent use, Genuine Health Memory is an excellent way to support your cognitive health and promote better memory simultaneously.

Genuine Health Clear Focus is designed to help relieve brain fog and mental fatigue naturally. The Clear Focus" blend is filled with brain-loving rain-loving Lion's Mane mushroom, adaptogenic red ginseng, calming L-theanine, and energy-producing B vitamins; this powerful combination works holistically to support cognitive function, improves focus, memory and attention, reduces mental fatigue, and increases your overall resiliency and resistance to stress. ​ When taken consistently, you'll notice a boost in overall productivity and experience less daily overwhelm to help you stay on track.

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