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AQUAOMEGA Vegan SoftGels (120 sg)

AQUAOMEGA Vegan SoftGels (120 sg)

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AquaOmega - AquaOmega Vegan SoftGels - 120 120 sg Count - NPN: 80094691

AquaOmega's High DHA Vegan Algae Oil is the highest concentrated plant-based Omega-3 supplement on the market today. Algae oil is the only plant-based source of Omega-3s that contains both essential fatty acids that are vital for your health. Standard Vegan Omega 3 Capsules

Adults 18 years of age and older take 4 softgels, once daily.
Do not use if safety seal is broken.
Store in airtight container, protected from light.

Algal oil, Tapioca, Glycerin, Purified Water, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract

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