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Apollo® Wearable

Apollo® Wearable

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Take Control Over Your Mood and Stress with Apollo Vibes: Choose from seven different Vibes in the Apollo Neuro app that give you more power over your mood and help you feel more balanced. Wear it as a band on your wrist or ankle or clip it to your clothing for an easy, unobtrusive way to manage stress anytime, anywhere.

Stress-Relief to Feel Calm and Relaxed: Choose the Calm and Unwind Vibes to rapidly relieve stress, or to relax after a long day, or during travel.

Get an Energy Boost to Power Through Your Day: Choose the Energy Vibe when you’re feeling tired or sluggish to wake-up and feel alert.

Find Focus and Concentration for Peak Performance:: Use the Focus Vibe to tap into your natural energy and power through any task with ease. Focus Vibe helps with pre-athletic performance, and relieves headaches and nausea.

Improve Strain, Physical Recovery and Sleep: Use the Recover Vibe post-workout to help your body recover after a workout faster, or when you are feeling run down or sick or use the Unwind and Fall Asleep Vibes to feel deep relaxation and quiet your mind so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

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